We are more than a Virtual Reality Company. We create immersive content for innovative brands and organisations. We are a content creation company specialising in virtual reality production. We are visual storytellers embracing this new medium as a way of creating immersive, engaging content.

VRAI in 2019 | Video

Our pioneering methodology takes elements from our diverse background. We use techniques from narrative cinema, from visual effects, from exhibition design, from gaming, from brand management and combine them in new exciting ways to help you tell your story.

Our strength comes from this diverse background. We are visual storytellers who specialise in immersive alternative realities. The technology must serve the story and the audience, not the other way around We passionately believe in the power of virtual reality as a narrative medium, as a training tool, as an engagement device. At its core, virtual reality is about actually being there and we feel we can deliver that experience better than anyone else.