Press Release – Friday 24 May 2019, 6pm

Iconic Maser ‘Repeal’ Mural Reinstated Using Augmented Reality

Irish technology company VRAI have teamed up with Street Artist Maser to reinstate the iconic ‘Repeal’ mural in Dublin using Augmented Reality (AR). The mural was originally painted by the renowned street artist Maser on the Project Arts building in Dublin’s Temple Bar, however, the mural was partially painted over in 2016, and again in 2018.

Now VRAI have collaborated with Maser to digitally ‘restore’ the mural using a Facebook AR effect that allows users to access the ‘Repealed’ effect from their Facebook camera. When standing at the wall of the Project Arts Centre users can open their Facebook app, point their camera at the partially painted over mural and restore it in AR, with a surprise addition.

Artist Maser said: “When I approached VRAI about using Augmented Reality to add another dimension to some of my murals around Dublin we immediately thought of restoring the Repeal mural. AR presents an exciting opportunity to bring street art to life and it was fitting for the Repeal mural to be the first piece we worked on given its the 1 year anniversary of the referendum.”

VRAI have caught the attention of the technology community in Ireland with their work for high-profile clients internationally and in Ireland. This collaboration is part of VRAI’s efforts to encourage its employees to work on passion projects.

Caoimhe Doyle from VRAI said: “As someone who volunteered a lot of my spare time for the referendum last year, I am proud that we at VRAI were able to help mark the anniversary in this small way. We are delighted that we have been able to restore the mural in a way that it can never be painted over again.”


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