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Virtual and augmented reality will grow to be an €70 billion market by 2025. VRAI plan to be a leading provider of content to this industry.

VR is set to radically shape the way we interact with information. Our approach to virtual reality is to combine the experiential with the immersive. While VR exists in a number of forms we’ve at VRAI have prided ourselves on delivering a level of immersion not available to the mobile VR headset or 360 video formats that are readily available. As attention spans and time spent with brands gets shorter, this technology offers an opportunity to capture attention and re-engage people, creating memorability and shareable content.

Brands will need to identify what content will resonate most with their customers and create a VR, MR or AR experience with this in mind. AR has the ability to act as a utility for internal communication of for creating content that can be used to ensure consistency from staff. VR is a much more immersive medium with ‘story-telling’ at its core.

Brands can offer personalised experiences that could not only offer utility for people but could fuel the imagination and turn aspirations into reality.

Is there something people wish they could do with your product? Think about what people will find a compelling experience that they will want to talk about and share.

VRAI use Oculus Rift to showcase their immersive VR experiences

We’re addressing a global industry from right here in Ireland by connecting innovative brands and ideas through immersive content.

Seeing is believing. 

Our approach is straightforward. Talk to us. Set us a challenge and present your desired outcome and let us design and prepare a virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality campaign for you, including the investment needed to bring it to fruition. On every occasion, we have delivered our VR projects on-time and on budget, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment in VR will be managed efficiently.

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